British Army in WWII

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The British Army in World War 2 During the First World War, the British Army was transformed from a voluntary, professional force backed up by a voluntary reserve into a 'national' army recruited by conscription. It was able to make this transition without a material decline in its' effectiveness, and this is a considerable credit to the regimental system and the calibre of its personnel. At the start of the war, there was probably no or …

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…not receive a credible British Tank, the Crusader until after VE-day. It is almost impossible to list all the British Armies actions of this period, but the main theatres of war for the British Army were in Chronological order: The Battle of France The African Campaigns (Including the Battle of El Alamein) The Retreat from Burma The Sicilian and Italian Landings The Battle of Kohima The D-Day landings and Normandy The Fall of the Reich