Britain and America Revolution

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Since the historical conflict between Great Britain and her North American colonies began to unfold, historians have searched for the reasoning behind it. Many experts have discussed the various reasons for the conflict. Some experts believe the conflict occurred because America and Britain had become vastly different social and political entities. Others say that economical disagreements caused the conflict. However, these economical and social forces worked hand-in-hand to slowly erode away the binds that held …

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…Quartering Act, infringed on the rights of the Americans. Their traditional, “English” rights had been ignored. Americans and their supporters were enraged and showed their anger through violence. The parliament, in turn, taxed the colonies heavily for money the Americans did not have. This infuriated the Americans further, leading them to war. And the combination of these economical and political/social differences between the Colonies and their Mother Country resulted in the War of Independence.