Brigham Young

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"Whenever I see a pretty woman I have to pray for grace." - a quote from the founder and first Prophet of the Mormon Church and predecessor of the Great Prophet Brigham Young. Brigham Young was a very much-disliked person in his time but was also a praised person in his religion. A practical man of enormous common sense, he marched his people to the Rockies, directed the establishment of more than 325 western towns, built …

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…new ideas. However, his place in history is secure. Praised by nearly four million Mormons, he will survive as long as the religion he saved endures. Works Cited World Book Encyclopedia 1989. Young, Brigham The Twenty-Seventh Wife, by Walace, Irving. Trails West, p. Washington: National Geographic Society The Latter Day Saints, by Mullen, Robert Quicksand and Cactus, by Brooks, Juanita Across the Continent, by Samuel, Bowles Webster's American Biographies, ed. Van Doren, Senior ed. Charles Lincoln