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Brief Insight: IRA Terrorist or freedomfighters The IRA (Irish Republican Army) is an unofficial, paramilitary nationalist organisation whose purpose is to make British rule in Ireland ineffective by the use of armed force and to assist achieving an independent republic (the entire island) by the unification of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. This objective is pursued on a military level by the IRA and on the political level by the nationalist party, Sinn …

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…Norway during World War 2, which clearly had a majority of the population supporting them. But the conclusion will be that the IRA will not have, even if Ireland is included, a majority supporting their "war" against Great Britain, and therefore the IRA can not justify the use of terrorist tactics. REFERENCES: ASCHEHOUGS OG GYLDENDALS STORE NORSKE LEKSIKON ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNIC FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIONS CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY THE TIMES CABLE NEWS NETWORK NBC NEW INTERNATIONALIST (MAY 1994)