Bridal Imagery of Antigone

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Bridal Imagery of Antigone In the play Antigone, by Sophocles, the protagonist, Antigone, defies all of the beliefs held by the society she lives in, and breaks the king’s law on account of her own morals. Originally, one of Antigone’s two brothers was supposed to take control of the throne, however, in a duel over the crown, they both died. As a result of her brothers’ deaths, her uncle, Creon, the antagonist in …

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…of his wife, Eurydice. It is definite that in the end of the play, Creon realizes the full extent of what his actions have caused. “Ah me, I have learned the bitter lesson!” (Oates/ O’Neill, 231) He learns that being arrogant will only ultimately make him miserable in the end. Creon’s characterization is most outwardly demonstrated through the use of bridal imagery, and how it has affected his life, his decisions, and his family.