Break Away From the Silence

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Maxine Hong Kingston was a Chinese immigrant raised in the community of Stockton, California. Bobby Boucher is the fictional character from The Waterboy, who grew up in the backwoods of Louisiana. Kingston sees white Americans as “ghosts”: pale, threatening, and comical specters who speak in an incomprehensible tongue. Boucher saw his teammates as threatening and intimidating, but also as his key to finally fit into the world he felt he never really fit into. Maxine …

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…something: Kingston is looking for a voice while Boucher is looking for a way to fit in and be a part of something. They both have stories that are similar and have “happy endings.” Kingston finds her voice and goes on to become a successful author. Boucher finds a team to be a part of and gets a championship. Both were able to able to find their respective voices and break away from the silence.