Bread and Wine

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Throughout the novel Bread and Wine, author Ignazio Silone uses different stories and anecdotes of peasant characters as both a break from the main plot and to help understand the main character, Pietro Spina/Don Paolo Spada better. Two examples of these subsidiary stories are Pietro Spina’s interaction with Uliva, a former violinist and revolutionary affiliate, and Don Paolo’s association Murica, a young impressionable revolutionary. Both of these stories illustrate the disappointment expressed …

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…to his public the inner turmoil he was facing and the reasoning behind his abandonment of the Communist Party in 1931. The fact that both of these characters die for the cause symbolically shows Silone’s “death,” or separation, from the political world. As his letter stated in Stille’s article, “give me strength to overcome my remorse, to begin a new life, and to live it for the good of the workers and of Italy” (48).