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“Of Bravery, Cowardice, and Death.” A Greek warrior who is born mortal faces the unfortunate reality that someday he will die. Regardless of whether he lived bravely or as a coward, he will still die. A mortal by definition is fated to do so. While it may seem self-evident that living a life of courage is more fulfilling than living a life of cowardice, to the Greeks, there existed well defined incentives to live bravely, …

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…deeds live on. To a Greek there is no escaping death, and death signals the definitive end. A god-fearing man will live his life in service to the gods just as a patriotic man will live in the service of his country. If in this duty he is required to fight, then it is his responsibility to follow the will of the gods in the most effective manner possible: through living a life of courage.