Brave New World: A society of Addicts This essay compares and contrasts our societies views on drugs, to those of the society in Adolus Huxley's novel, Brave New World.

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In Brave New World, there is only one drug left, Soma. Soma is distributed freely for the suppression of unpleasant emotions. Today's drugs are used for the same reason, but they have more adverse side affects than Soma. The book quotes 'a gramme is better than a damn,' referring to a hipnopaedic lesson that teaches all of society to use Soma if they are ever in a situation that presented unpleasant emotions. They are …

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…because of the massive amount of soma in her system. The appeal of drugs as a quick fix to problems is a false prospect, but, unfortunately, in the addict?s mind, they ignore the fact that the drug they are addicted to is hurting them more than helping them, and I believe that, however advanced, the society in Brave new World is no different than a society full of addcts with little chance of recovery.