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In the book, Brave New World, there are many examples of prophecy. The first example of prophecy is cloning. In the book they were cloning up to 96 people that all looked identical. Today we have successfully cloned a sheep, and we are moving towards possibly cloning humans just like the book prophesied. The second example of prophecy is brainwashing and hypnotism. In the book they conditioned, or brainwashed, the infants and children to like and …

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…Huxley made the people in the believe that if everyone pledge their allegiance to the state that their would be perfect order. Today, people take comfort in their religion and they wouldn’t want to conform to another. The book is making fun of how we don’t need faith and comfort in religion, and that we should put in all into one centralized place. Undoubtedly, there were many examples of satire in this book.