Brave New World - the conflict between Mond and the Savage

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BRAVE NEW WORLD Community, Identity, Stability... or Conspiracy, Ignorance, Sterility? In BNW, we are presented with 2 completely different worlds. The first mocks the supposed utopia of the 'perfect' world. The people who live in this Utopia believe... no, they don't even believe, as 'believe' implies they have a choice in the matter... they are conditioned, brainwashed, into accepting and embracing this fantasy place. We can see just how removed this world is by the way …

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…The Savage asks one question which hasn't been answered, and it is the question that Huxley asks us, the question that BNW is built around: "'Are you quite sure that the Edmund in that pneumatic chair hasn't been just as heavily punished as the Edmund who's wounded and bleeding to death? The gods are just. Haven't they used his pleasant vices as an instrument to degrade him?'" And we may never know the answer.