Brave New World

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A global nine years war has taken place. This war was so brutal and tiresome, that the people opted to control the world's actions through a means of science. "People were ready to have even their appetites controlled then. Anything for a quiet life" Brave New World takes place in 632 A.F., numerous years after civilization started to be controlled. Civilization is controlled though conditioning and hatchery. Everyone is brought into civilization though a test …

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…berserk and joins the crowd in it's crazy antics. "Drawn by the fascination of the horror of pain, they (the crowd) began to mime the frenzy of his gestures, striking at one another as the savage struck at his own rebellious flesh..." John awakens the next day, after sleeping under the influence of soma. Realizing that he participated in the sins he was so dear against and seeing no hope for himself, he commits suicide.