Boxer Rebellion

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When Japan defeated China in 1895, European powers answered with an order they called, “ carving up the Chinese melon.” Following the division of Africa among European powers, they turned their sights to what they saw as an extremely weak Chinese government. European powers and America began to scramble for what was called “spheres of interest.” These spheres of interest involved holding leases for all railway and public advantages in different regions of China. Russia got Port …

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…it was abandoned altogether. China began to send its children to Europe and Japan to study the new subjects. The military was reorganized under Yuan Shih-k’ai, who adopted the Japan and Western style of military discipline and organization. In 1909 the last emperor, Pu Yi, the Hsüan-tung emperor, ascended the throne. Soon there after the Imperial Dynasty was disposed by feuding warlords. The Boxer Rebellion was the last gasp of a dying imperial regime.