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Botulism There are many types of diseases in the world today. The disease I am doing my report is botulism. Botulism is a very deadly disease. Botulism is a very rare food poisoning that is very deadly. The name of my disease is Botulism. The part of the body that is effected by this deadly disease is the human intestine and then the nerves. The disease then starts effecting your breathing and unless you are …

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…enough for a vaccine to be made. The chances of surviving botulism are about fifty fifty. Your body is not immune to it. About 50% of people having botulism die. Botulism is a rare food poisoning that is very deadly. If not treated quickly you could die from suffocation. Artificial breathing is needed for this. If you feel dizzy or very drowsy after eating canned goods go see a doctor. Your life may depend on it.