Boston Massacre

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The British had decided in 1763 to keep an army in the colonies and to tax the colonists to pay for it. Then the British Parliament passed the Quartering Act in 1765. Colonists had to house British soldiers and give each one candle and five pints of beer a day. "Go back to England!!" the townspeople yelled as 4,000 Redcoats got off their ships, and marched through the streets of Boston. It was 1768 and the Redcoats moved to …

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…were acquited. The funny thing about the Boston Massacre was that there was not a massacre at all, but a street fight between a Boston mob and a squad of British soldiers. It was called a 'massacre' because several colonists were killed by the soldiers. The name was invented by speechmakers and used tohelp stir the anger of the crowds. The Boston Massacre was one of the events which led up to the Revolutionary War.