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The Boston Massacre is an event in our early history that has been largely misunderstood. Blame for the street fight was placed entirely on the British by the colonial media, in hopes of stirring a deeper desire of freedom among the people. However, the truth is that both sides were equally responsible for the brawl. Like many March evenings in New England, it was clear but cold and crisp that night of the 5th. About …

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…armed soldiers might be just the thing to spark an explosion of violence, and yet, one of his own soldiers was in danger of being sacrificed to a mob. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** Robert Leckie. George Washington's War (New York, NY.: Harper Perenial, 1992) 56. Thomas Fleming. Liberty (New York, NY.: Penguin Group, 1997) 71. Robert Leckie. George Washington's War 56. Henry Steele Commanger. The Spirit of Seventy-Six (New York, NY.: Da Capo Press, 1975) 36. Thomas Fleming. Liberty 71. Robert Leckie. George Washington's War 57.