Bookreport: The Double Helix. By James Watson

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How did this book change/meet your expectation of the way a great discovery is made?<Tab/> The discovery of the double helix was one of the greatest scientific acomplishments of the 20th century. The process the sciencentist followed in their discovery was suprising in several ways. Contrary to my expectations, the discovery was not made by a pair of sciencetist working on their own, but instead it was a colaboration …

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…the scientist was different than I predicted and the involvment of such a large number of scientist was also a suprise. But, my thoughts on the scientific community and their openness of data and theories was changed more than any other part of the scientific achievement. The Double Helix changed my view on many of the aspects of the scientific process of the discovery, opening my eyes to a more accepting, sharring, involved scientific community.