Book report on Dr. Phil Mc Graw's recent book "Self Matters"

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Matters of the Self Zig Ziglar, motivational speaker, salesperson trainer, and author, likes to use this example when he speaks about the impact our words have on others. The sentence "I didn't say he beat his wife" can express a myriad of thoughts, depending simply on which word is emphasized. "I didn't say he beat his wife" (where a declarative emphasis is placed on the underlined word) has a completely different meaning that "I didn't …

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…three important factors. First, this type of personal inventory is time consuming, and requires a large amount of personal energy. Secondly, there may be periods of your life that are not immediately available for conscious review. These areas are the ones you will need to work on the hardest. Third, and finally, if you choose to do this work, you will unearth the building blocks needed to create a fulfilling life from the inside out.