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BOOK REPORT TITLE: The Prince and the Pauper AUTHOR: Mark Twain CLASSIFICATION: Adventure/Action/Classic SETTING: This story takes place in England during the time of King Henry XIII. It is set mainly in Offal Court and Westminster Palace. CHARACTER STUDY: In this story there are two look alikes. Tom Comty was born to a poor family in Offal Court. He looked identical to the Prince of Wales, Edward Tudor. Edward Tudor was born to …

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…and that he was a knight. Everyone was very surprised. Miles ended up getting his girlfriend back. Everyone was happy in the end even Tom because he thought being a King was too much. From then on England was governed differently because Edward knew what it was like to live in poverty. RECOMMENDATION: This book is a 10/10 adventure/action/classic. It is a great story for everyone but the language is fairly difficult to understand