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Geography Bolivia is bounded on the north and east by Brazil, on the southeast by Paraguay, on the south by Argentina, and on the west by Chile and Peru. Bolivia, along with Paraguay, is the only South American country without direct access to the sea. Going in the northern-southern direction the maximum length of Bolivia is about 1530km (about 950 mi); its width, in an eastern-western direction, is about 1450 km (about 900 mi). The area is 1,098,581 sq. …

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…Carlos Borja, and Milton Melgar. Today, young Bolivians idolize the heroes of the 1994 World Cup qualifying round: Marco Antonio Etcheverry (El Diablo) and Erwin Platini. Bolivia is an up and coming force in soccer, whose future rests with a very talented bunch of young players. Bibliography 1. "Bolivia" Encarta 95 c.1995 Internet 3. My aunt and uncle Carol and Donald As well as my newly adopted 2 yr. old cousin from Bolivia, Jamie