Boer War

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Jessica Hagen Ethno-Film Study The Boer War The Boer War was the struggle of the Boers, or Dutch descent farmers, to keep the power of their land away from the British. They wanted to control their own land, and they were not going to let the British have an easy take over. The Boer War is also known as the South African War, and was fought from 1899 to 1902 (World 435). The British learned of resources they …

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…that they came into contact with the Boers decided it was in their best interest to sign the peace treaty of Vereeniging on May 31, 1902 (2). The Boers were not punished for participating in the war; however, they had to sign a contract of faithfulness to King Edward VII (World 436). Although this war is said to be forgotten, the determination of the Boers to keep their freedom can never be forgotten by the British that underestimated them.