Body image in modern times and the body image in my school.

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1. Where do we get our ideas about body image? 2. Are boys and girls equally concerned about body image? If not, why? 3. What do you think the body image is at ICS? Describe it for boys and girls Our ideas about body image mostly come from television for example movies, TV. Series etc. I think the picture of beauty in our time is not that beautiful, girls try to stay skinny and need to have the …

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…on the other side can show {status} in other ways not just being cute, for example they can be good in sports, they can be strong, they can be big(muscles)/(size) or they can be charming, funny etc. I think this mainly comes from the fact that guys look for sexy, well spoken, nice, funny, easy to talk to, pretty etc. girls, where as girls don't look for the sexy, cute factor as much.