Bodily Modification: Tattoos, Body Piercings, Scarification, and Three Dimensional Body Art

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Tattooing, piercing, scarification, and three dimensional body art have long been a cultural tradition, a rite of passage, symbolizing one's place in the world, who one is. Today there is no difference. Like our ancestors, bodily modification is again becoming a cultural occurrence. Rather than signifying one's tribe, religion, or status within a tribe, tattooing, piercing, and other forms of bodily modification are becoming symbols of the subculture one belongs to. For more than a …

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…a person?s history, and provide a mosaic map of a person?s mind. A multitude of reasons such as these appeal to people who have endured some form of self-exploration. This is not always the case. Regardless, such personal and permanent bodily modifications are to express the inner workings of one?s mind for some form of public display. It is simply to know and be known for what one is on the inside.