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Bob Marley (Robert Nesta Marley) was born on February 6,1945 in Nine Miles in the parish of St. Ann, Jamaica. His father (Norval Sinclair Marley) was an English marine-officer and his mother (Cedella 'Ciddy' Malcom) was a native Jamaican who lived in Rhoden Hall. After Bob was born, his father left his mother. When Bob was five, his father took him to Kingston so he could get a better education; however, Marley ended up living with …

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…statesman, poet, and prophet. He was a millionaire with remarkable lack of material trappings and a father figure to his people in more ways than one. As the 50th anniversary of his birth approaches, Bob Marley is still the best-selling reggae artist in the world. His name is recognized all over the planet. Recent charts in Billboard Magazine show Marley-all by himself-controlling 40% of the listings, 12 years after his passing. Not bad for a dead man.