"Blind Spots" is about people hiding their thoughts, not revealing their true nature. Even in stable relationships, people may feel that they need to disguise a part of who they are.

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You never truly know anybody. Every person has a secret life, even if it's just their hidden fantasies, and if you ever get to see inside their head, sometimes you find things you never imagined were there. How can you be so close to someone for so long and still not know who they are? It is more common than some of us want to believe. It's almost a certainty that, at some point, your …

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…while not consciously intending to deceive, don't feel safe enough to reveal their true nature to anyone. How much these people hide to protect themselves is, in most cases, determined by what they have learned about the emotional safety of being open with people, and how accepted and loved they feel in the presence of the other person. Even in the most loving and affirming relationships, secrets still exist. There will always be blind spots.