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Bless Me, Ultima 1) Bless Me, Ultima is fitting because the main character Antonio learns and is blessed by Ultima, a curandera. If I had to rename the book I would probably name it "The walk with the curandera". Antonio bonds with and learns the beliefs of Ultima. 2) The author of Bless Me, Ultima Rudolfo A. Anaya is a U.S. author and is from Mexico and she is still alive today. 3) The major characters in …

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…the world. 12) This book is relevant to today's society because their are still parents today that try to force their beliefs and expectations on their kids. This book looks at a variety of religious beliefs and ideologies from different points of views and explains what they are. This book is relevant because it shows some of the conflicts you can face as you are growing up and trying to find your place in this world.