Blaxploitation - Dolemite vs The Mack

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In the early 70's, "Mainstream films did nothing to give black people a sense that they were powerful and physically beautiful, or, at least for black women, that they were desired if they were darker than a brown grocery sack." (McKissack). That is why blaxploitation films started to come out. The genre was the most productive period in black film making, but it is often difficult to track the titles down. "At a time when …

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…for Willie Green, so they are corrupt, and the police in The Mack are corrupt because they want Goldie to pay protection money. There seems to be a trend of "the white man" being racist police officers in all of the blaxploitation movies I have seen, because that is what the movies are about. Both The Mack and Dolemite have the same theme, but I consider each of them worth watching for their individual merit.