Blacks and Whites: Separate and Unequal A comparison of the South African Apartheid system and America's Jim Crow Laws

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Around 1914 in the United States, race relations hit arguably an all-time low in the history of civilization on the North American continent. Every Southern state had passed laws that created two separate societies; one black, the other white. Blacks and whites could not ride together in the same railroad cars, sit in the same waiting rooms, use the same washrooms, eat in the same restaurants, or sit in the same theaters. Blacks were denied access …

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…of them plagued the societies of their respective countries. From poor working conditions to an inferior social status, colored people faced severe discrimination under these two systems. They were no doubt centered in racial hatred, and will forever be a stain on human beings' ability to exist as one human race. They must never be forgotten, but rather exposed for the terror they caused and convey exactly why racial segregation must come to an end.