Blackmur R.P., Form and Value in Modern Poetry

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Blackmur R.P., Form and Value in Modern Poetry, Doubleday, 1957. Justification This critique was first published as a journal article in The Southern Review, 1936 and later reprinted in the text entitled “Form and Value in Modern Poetry.” The author of the critique describes the meaning behind Yates’ poetry. He also describes Yates’ view of the world and explains how this influences the poetry and the response by many readers towards the work. Blackmur uses a …

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…but rather offers an analysis of the themes and content. The language used is appropriate to this analysis. Evaluation of the critique Blackmur gives a feel for the emotions that he experiences in studying Yates’ poetry. That emotion is probably confusion or perhaps disbelief. While this is an interesting study, Blackmur points out that this is only one approach to understanding the poetry and it should be combined with others for a more comprehensive analysis.