Black Psychology

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Black Psychology Black psychology in itself is a rich existing area field. Although many argue that it does not exist, the reality is different. Black psychology is as defined by Karenga ...essentially the science that systematically studies behavior in its relationship to the complexity of mental, emotional, physical and environmental factors that shape it. (pg.439) Bottom line, it is the way Black people think, act, and socialize. In the context of this paper I will …

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…psychology rooted in and reflective of African culture.(Pg 455) Everything is correlated with Afro-centrisism and African Philosophy; Wilson poses that the study of Blacks should begin in Africa not slavery. In conclusion, even though many argue against the existence of Black psychology, it is very much so existent-and Karenga proves it. Through the presentation of the three schools of psychology and their major contributors, there is no doubt that the field of Black psychology exists.