Black Death. It's affects on Europe's population, economy, religion and politics.

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Black Death The most fierce and widespread epidemic was the outbreak of the bubonic plague. It ravaged Europe between 1347 and 1353 killing 25 million people, approximately one-third of the population. Such a vast amount of people died that it took the following two centuries to regain Europe's original population. I am going to inform you how this unyielding plague had tremendous affects on Europe. The bubonic plague began in China and quickly spread through Asia to the …

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…nad food sources. More people would have to travel farther leading to more exploration and expansion of Europe. Also Europe's economy would have prospered. WIth more opeople and more trade, Europe would have been much richer, and who know how powerful it could have become. In conclusion, the Bubonic plague greatly influenced Europe. Its affects on Europe's population, economy, religion, and politics had a long lasting toll giving ti the name of The Black Death.