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"Playing God In The Garden" Michael Pollan’s essay, “Playing God in the Garden” analyzes the issue of genetically engineered foods, “New Leaf potatoes” in specific, in a writing style different from most essays. Pollan tries to present facts and figures to his reader by maintaining a neutral stance towards the issue at hand: whether genetically engineered foods are safe to eat or not. His writing does not take the form of a conventional investigative …

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…effective in informing his readers about the issues at hand without persuading the reader to think one way or the other. By speaking in the first person point of view, Pollan allows the reader to feel as if they are personally going through the procedure of investigating the facts about genetically engineered foods. His style allows the reader to, ultimately, create his own unbiased opinion about genetically engineered foods. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** The New Humanities Reader