Biographiccal essay on E.B. White as an essayist with some personal references and commentary.

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E. B. White I don't remember exactly how I first learned the story of Charlotte's Web. I don't remember if Mom or Dad read it to me or if a baby-sitter popped the tape in the VCR. I do remember that I was obsessed with pigs by the time I was three. E. B. White had infiltrated our home. White's essays are not only enjoyable, but are filled with important lessons for the prospective writer …

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…combine as E.B. White writes. Each one adds to the essay, making it a complete work. An essay needs to deliver a point to the reader, while holding the reader's interest. His essays do well to hold interest, and the imagery provides much for this. His topics are chosen well, and all excel in conveying his ideas. This masterful composition of various elements makes E.B. White's name almost synonymous with the word "essay."