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Albert Schweitzerís Bioethical Views Albert Schweitzer appears to take an extremely ecocentric view in his passage entitled The Ethic of Reverence for Life. He feels, in a bioethical sense, that it is "good to maintain and cherish life" and "evil to destroy and to check life (Schweitzer 1976a)". It is his contention that a truly ethical person will go out of their way to assist nature in any way that they can. Since we …

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…be swayed so easily in an ecocentric direction, maybe Albert Schweitzer isnít the only one with a natural concern for the environment. Perhaps everyone else is just too busy to realize that they care and nothing is being done to help change their minds. Schweitzer was simply trying to get the message across that itís only ethical to further, not sabotage, life in general. It is with that theory that I agree completely.