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I. Abstract Every minute there are thousands of chemical reactions occurring in cells that are controlled by enzymes. (Vodopich) Enzymes are biological catalysts that speed up chemical reactions. As catalysts, enzymes lower the amount of energy needed to trigger a reaction. Enzymes are proteins with their own shapes determined by amino acid structures. The active site complexes on these structures determine what specific changes a substrate (reactant molecule in a catalyzed enzyme) will go through …

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…-2.0 minutes. Demonstrating that enzyme reaction increase with adequate substrates. Our results show that fixed enzymatic concentration and fixed reaction conditions can increase the rate of enzymatic reaction depending on adequate amounts of substrate. Likewise a depleted substrate will decrease the rate of reaction as time increases. During the beginning stages of reaction, with strong excess substrate concentration the absorbance rate is linear with time. These results support the current literature. (Edvotek 1998, Perry and others 2002)