Binge Drinking

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Binge Drinking Most people have done it once in their life; we could say the person drank too much or while partying had a few too many, but across America the most serious drug problem for college students is binge drinking. Despite excuses, college students are abusing alcohol in the form of binge drinking. Up to 43% of college students binge drink within a 2-week period of time. Per pressure might be what starts the beginning …

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…with a problem or to just get through daily life. College presidents regard alcoholism as the most serious problem on campus and believe binging should not be tolerated. 43% of college students that have or do binge drink report experiences that they regret. With counseling and prevention that number can be reduced, lives can be saved, and respect can be restored to people who wouldn’t have done the things they did while intoxicated. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**