Binge Drinking

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Objective: Reduction in students engaging in binge drinking during the past two to four weeks. Binge drinking has long been associated with the American High School senior as well as early college students. Reasons for this association have been diagnosed as everything from a newfound sense of freedom to the inability to consistently attain alcohol, which increases the desire to consume alcohol in mass quantities when available. However, studies show that there are many more …

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…of beer represents the total amount of alcohol consumed by college students each year 3 students consume 2 beers 1 student consumes 4 beers 1 student consumes 0 beers However this statistical information was conducted by survey which has possibility of error due to flaws in questioning and “acceptable” student response Overall, I found that the South Florida counties Broward, Palm Beach, and Dade are statistically nearly identically to the nation when it comes to binge drinking and related alcohol concerns.