Billy The Kid

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One of the most famous outlaws and gunfighters of old west, was Henry Mccarty (most people think his name was William H. Bonney) or "Billy the Kid" as most people knew him. There is much speculation as to where Billy was born. So far, the possibilities are New York City, Indiana, and Missouri. But he did move out west with his family and eventually became a cowboy in Lincoln county, New Mexico Territory, working for …

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…twelve, or that he killed 21 men by the time he was twenty-one. Since he killed a couple of people, he started to get bad press from everyone. But don't get me wrong, even killing only one person is very wrong, and I don't mean to glorify Billy the Kid in any way. So when you think of Billy the Kid, don't be so quick to call him a cold-blooded killer. Thank you for your time.