Billy Budd 2

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To form simply one opinion or show merely one aspect of this story is naive, rude, and closed minded. How may one stick to one deli mea, moral questioning, or out-look on a book that jumps from such cases like frogs on lily pads? Just as Melville has done, I shall attempt to arrange my perception of Billy Budd, in a similar fashion. That is, through an unorthodox practice (that is; jumping from pt. to …

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…the wide-open sea is all around, it only isolates the men from the rest of the world. If you’ve ever been momentarily separated on a camping trip, per-say, then you know how quickly one can get on another’s’ nerves. This story captures that intensity. One must also remember that Billy is set in a time of war and mutiny, and theses factors have a major impact on the story and everyone’s decisions.