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My name is Jack Meloch and I'm a friend of Mr. Max. I've come in contact with Mr. Max's client, Bigger Thomas, and I saw his case. From the stories of Mr. Max I don't think that it's fair to Bigger to get the death sentence. It is obviously society's fault that he did what he did. I truly don't think that Bigger is a bad guy; he's not a nice guy either. He's just …

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…gets), or not take anyone's "crap" and rebel. Bigger, however, unconsciously chose the second and the most extreme path; he chose to rebel. He chose this path unknowingly by killing Mary. He was immediately an outcast, an outlaw, and a hero in some people's eyes. **** to whom it may concern : this essay, is a thing where i had to write as though i was a NEW charecter in the book, so this is my story...