Big Brother's Greatest Weakness

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From what every other reader, and I, can infer from the first 185 pages of 1984 by George Orwell, is that Big Brother’s greatest weakness is the existence of the Proletariat. In 1984, the Proletariat, or proles as Orwell dubs them, is the lowest class in the Oligarchian-Socialist society of Oceania. Even though, the proles are ‘kept in line’ they can be Big Brother’s worst nightmare. Mobs of zealous working class and women, storming dark and …

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…education, lack the will to strive, unorganized, and basically oppressed against in subtle forms, they cannot initiate a revolt against Big Brother. Most of the intelligent proles are vaporized, just as are the Inner Party members when they get too ‘thinkful’ to quote Newspeak, by the hound-dog of Big Brother, the Thought Police. It is for these reasons, that even though Big Brother has a weakness, it will seldom, if not at all, be exploited.