Beyond the Veil

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“Beyond the Veil” As a result of the Islamic Revolution that took place seventeen years ago, a series of forces were unleashed which have transformed and reshaped the face of Iranian soci-ety in every aspect imaginable. These changes have rocked not only the political and economic spheres of Iran, but even more fundamentally, culture and society. These changes have negatively affected women’s social, political, and economic status in Iran. When the new government achieved …

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…men and women were required to stand on different lines; but more aggravating was that women had to sit in the back of the bus. How can women be separated from, but equal to men? This all goes back to their belief that they are the world’s only theocracy. To say that they place too much emphasis on religion is, in my opinion, an understate-ment. I find their distorted way of running things disturbing.