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Betsy Ross, A Legendary Woman Elizabeth Griscom was born on New Years day 1752. Known as Betsy to family and friends, she was the eighth of seventeen children born to Rebecca and Samuel Griscom. They lived in Philadelphia. Being staunch Quakers, they were very conservative. Betsy was entirely educated at a friend's Quaker school. It was in this Quaker school that she learned how to upholster. With her parents permission Betsy became an apprentice in the …

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…the last year of the twentieth century is getting under way, there is a possibility that a new flag will be necessary. Puerto Rico has long been a territory of the United States and some people now feel that it is time the United States annex it as the fifty-first state. Only time will tell if fifty-one stars begin to fly high. Maybe it will even inspire a young ambitious man to write a poem.