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Bertolt Brecht was born on February 10, 1898 in the medieval city of Augsburg, part of the Bavarian section of the German Empire. He married in 1897, his father was a Catholic and his mother a Protestant. Brecht was their first child. His father worked as Chief Clerk in a paper factory, clearly fitting the definition of "bourgeois." His mother was ill with breast cancer most of his young life. Throughout his life Brecht was supported by his …

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…stiletto be placed in his heart and that he be buried in a steel coffin so that his corpse would not be riddled with worms. He also left a will giving the proceeds of his various works to particular mistresses. Unfortunately for them, the will lacked the necessary witness signatures and was therefore void. His widow, Helen Wiegel, gave small amounts of money to the specified women. Brecht is buried in the Dorotheenfriedhof in Berlin.