Bermuda Triangle

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The Bermuda Triangle On a bright, clear June day a plane, passing through what is called the Bermuda Triangle, sends a SOS signal to the tower. Suddenly, the radio contact suffers a break, the plane never makes contact again. One can only imagine what happened to those people aboard the aircraft, many may say that the disappearance concerned UFO’s, while others say that it had to be a mistake. Yet, there appears to be …

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…Bermuda Triangle exists, there is mounting amounts of evidence and a growing abundance of theories, ranging from hypoteadical to extensively researched. In the future we may find out what secrets the Bermuda Triangle really holds and someday be able to explain how, why, and what happens in the “Devil’s Triangle,” or perhaps one of us may venture forth into the ‘Triangle’ and learn its secrets for ourselves, never to reveal them to the world.