Beowulf vs. Superman

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Beowulf vs. Superman People have always imagined, created legend, or told campfire stories. These are humanities imaginary examples of "perfect heroes." One example of a perfect hero is the legendary hero, Beowulf. A more modern example of this idea of a "perfect hero" is the comic book creation, Superman, who is featured in Alex Ross' edition of Kingdom Come. Both of these heroes are quite similar, but only in the idea that they're both "perfect …

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…a society at peace. Much more civilized, catching bank robbers and diamond thieves was on his list of foes at the beginning of his days In the end, after comparing differences in; superhuman abilities, reasons for fighting evil, and the evils they fight, it can bee seen undoubtedly related. Yet it can also be seen that once thought of on a scale a little more specific than the term, "super hero," they are very different.