Beowulf A Brochure of the AngloSaxon Beliefs

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Beowulf is a terrific example of a story that portrays the beliefs the Anglo-Saxon people. Their entire culture was based on heroism and loyalty. They encouraged heroic action in the face of doom and generously rewarded bravery. These charcteristics instilled a sense of courage and loyalty in many individuals. They also tries to imply the message that one should never give up, no matter how much the odds are against you. The importance of bravery, …

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…should strive to be like Beowulf because he never gave up. He demonstrated that he could do anything that he wanted as long as he was determined to do it. You may not have superhuman strength, or have to fight superhuman monsters, but you will come face to face with many different conflicts. Beowulf demonstrated that you must rise to the occassion in order to accomplish your goal, no matter how hard it may seem.