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Beowulf Beowulf and his men, when they finnally arived, met up with a man named Wulfgar, that the king had sent. Wulfbar sent them to the great king of the Danes. The warriors would tell the king that they would kill the best known as Grendel and save them from this madness. That night they would drink and feast as Beowulf would talk about his past battles. Aftrer all the festivities the would lie down …

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…One warrior was still there, and decided to fight because had sword to repay him. Wiglaf, that warrior, was granted king from Beowulf's last few breathes. Wiglaf returned with the worthless warriors and the dead King Beowulf. The Geats decided to cremate the corpse and place his ashes along with the dragons treasure that Wiglaf discovered. They had made a huge tower by the sea so the treasure could be seen by all the voyagers.