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Beowulf's Dark Side In Beowulf, Beowulf, the great warrior, encounters three supernatural creatures that reveal the true dark side of human kind. Beowulf encounters these creatures with the driving force of greed and heroism. All of the monsters go through some events that cause them to change their behavior. Beowulf trying to fix all of those problems falls in the same "dark side" that the monsters did. The motivation of there battles reveals the dark …

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…fights all of the monsters. Beowulf tries to deal with all of the monsters because of the things they do. Thinking that he always does the correct thing, sometimes he does not. Every time he killed a monster, he did it for a reason. Sometimes it would be for revenge, for jeoulsy, or greed. Not everybody is perfect in life. Everyone does things that are wrong eventhough they have a good reason to do it.