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"Beowulf" Beowulf had a lot of anger in his battles. He used the rush of energy to conquer his most horrid opponents. I will show a few things in these paragraphs. Beowulf's anger helped in his battles, hurt him in his battles, and fueled him to fight the battles. His anger is a source of winning and losing. Anger is one of the most provocative emotions there is. Anger can be used to help or …

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…how anger affects Beowulf. Grendel's mother almost destroyed him in anger, but Beowulf's anger was stronger. He used his anger to fuel him. He used the adrenaline rush to subdue his enemies. Beowulf had a lot of passion. In his fights, he has a want for winning. His anger helps him to conquer the unconquerable. His love of fame helps him too. One thing you can be sure of, he will win at all costs.